A Brief Introduction.

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Tash and I’m a 25 year old girl living in Perth, Western Australia. I have been on a personal development journey for a few years now.

Since I was little, I have had an inner voice reminding me not to settle and after I returned home from a 6 month working holiday in Canada back in May 2016, I struggled to settle back into a standard routine.

I experienced many firsts on my working holiday (such as my embarking on my first solo international trip, attempting to learn how to snowboard, seeing snow and cruising around in a left hand drive vehicle.) I felt like I grew as a person and I was living again, rather than just existing.

When I came home, serendipity did it’s thing by introducing me to my partner, Jesse at a friends’ mutual party. Since then, we’ve moved out of home together and I’ve been in 3 different job roles and our biggest challenge (yet most rewarding) was when we got our puppy, Lana last year.

When life gets full, self care seems to get pushed aside. As someone who used to go on roadtrips, nature walks and sing along to songs on her own, it has taking some getting used to. I wouldn’t trade my relationship (or puppy) for the world but it has taken me a while to make a shift in my mental state to become more present and grateful of what I have.

Anyway! Since the inner voice was still there, asking if ‘that’s all there is’, I decided I needed to do some soul searching to reclaim my sense of self again. Jesse and I had been incredibly busy with moving in, painting, decorating and doing tasks around the house that many other recharging activities were pushed to the side. All work and no play led to the inevitable, a sense of frustration, burn out and perceptual state of grumpiness and irritation on my behalf.

So, I have begun to ask myself what I want, what I enjoy doing, what I am grateful for, what are my values among other things and that’s when I decided that I wanted to share my insights through a blog where I can hopefully reach out to like minded individuals who are on the journey of personal development and self discovery. My wish is that we do not settle, that we don’t play it small and we allow ourselves to become our ultimate self. We each have a purpose, a reason for being and a unique gift that the world deserves to see.

Here’s to living, not just existing.

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