What’s Your Banoffee Pie?

Recently, my partner (Jesse) and I were out for dinner. While we were looking at the dessert menu, we glanced at the special which happened to be a banoffee pie. When Jesse asked if I wanted to share it with him, I said no as I didn’t like it.

I said no instantly and with enough conviction that Jesse thought I had tried it before and didn’t like it. This thought couldn’t have been further from the truth. I’d never had a slice of banoffee pie before but I was adamant that I wouldn’t like it. To be honest, I had envisioned that it was a pie topped with mushy bananas.

My preconceived idea of what the pie was stopped me from ordering it let alone trying it. Long story short, we each ordered our own dessert and I tried a small piece and ended up liking the flavour.

This situation made me reflect on this question, ‘how often do we say no to something before we’ve even tried it?’ Granted, not all things should be contemplated but if we focus this question in the context of opportunities, how many do we pass up because of our fears or preconceived idea of how the situation will turn out?

When we stay in our comfort zones, we stay relatively safe. We play small, we stick to routine and everything is ordinary. When we are brave and venture out of our comfort zone, even if it’s something small like trying a new food item, we grow. We learn more about the world and about ourselves. Life gives us continuous opportunities to grow yet we close the door without giving it a second thought.

When was your last banoffee pie moment? Why did you say no and when you reflect on it now, how do you feel?

On a serious side note, the feature is image is courtesy of Purewow’s website where they’re showcasing their very own Banoffee Pie recipe. (I haven’t made this recipe but the image caught my eye so if you’re interested, here’s the link: https://www.purewow.com/recipes/banoffee-pie-with-honeycomb)

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