Book Review: A Real Girl’s Guide To Money – Effie Zahos.

Effie Zahos is the author of A Real Girl’s Guide to Money. If you want to discover ways to become financially fit, then I’d recommend adding this to your reading list.

Effie’s book provides women with a practical guide on how to cultivate a better relationship with money. The book is split into bite size chapters, each addressing a different financial aspect. Whilst not all the chapters may be relevant to you depending on where you are in life, it’s insightful. At the end of each chapter, there is a simplified checklist to navigate through.

If you feel intimidated by money or learning about how to handle your finances more effectively, this book is a must read. Effie has a knack for simplifying seemingly complex ideas such as investing, looking at your superannuation, working out ways to make your money work and the importance of living within your means. The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.

There is also a 26 week challenge at the end of the book so if you’re someone who loves the satisfaction of crossing off a list, then you may want to type up the list or use the book to monitor your progress.

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