The Difference Between Your Net Worth And Self Worth.

Wealth. It means different things to each person. There’s a few questions which you may not have pondered too often but it’s an important one to ask when you’re wanting to establish what makes you feel happy and what you define as being successful.

How do you define wealth? What would it take for you to feel wealthy?

Many of us share the belief that money equates to happiness. We seem to attach the notion of future happiness with earning more money. Yet, when we do get a pay rise, we get used to the salary and start craving more. We find it difficult to be satisfied with what we have.

Granted, money can give you the opportunity to experience a richer life in the forms of attending events, buying items which reflect your personality or a lifestyle you are wanting to create, traveling and being philanthropic by donating money to charities and sharing it with loved ones (if you so choose) but it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Which then poses the question, which do you value more, your net worth or your self-worth? If you are wanting to create wealth in the form of money, then what are you sacrificing in order to achieve that? Are you sacrificing time with loved ones, your core values and beliefs and the legacy you want to leave behind? If you are, picture yourself on your death bed and ask yourself, is it worth it?

Wealth doesn’t just relate to money. If you look at wealth from a holistic perspective, it includes your health, spirituality, relationships, career, personal development and religion (if you’re a religious person). For some, holistic wealth is what they base their definition on success on.

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