Why We Should Learn To Tune Into Our Intuition Again.

Intuition or gut instinct is something that exists in all of us. It’s the feeling we get that we often can’t put into words and it encourages us to do or not do something even when logically, it makes no sense.

When we are racing through our days, we may neglect our intuition. We push it aside and ignore it thinking that logic knows best which may not always be the case. Generally, intuition knows best. It’s our compass and has our best interest at heart.

After attending a workshop a few weeks ago which centered around intuition, I realised how I had neglected mine for a while. I believe that our intuition is always there, it’s just of matter of if and when we tune in to it. 

Take a moment and reflect on the times when you have listened to and taken the advice provided to you by your intuition. Are you regularly listening to your intuition? Are you intuitive by nature? 

If like me you have neglected yours, see if you can begin to tune in again. When you have that nagging gut feeling which makes no sense, be curious about it and if it feels right to listen to it, do and see what happens. 

While we cannot control the outcome, our intuition can guide us in the right way if we believe that is has our back. Intuition is knowledge which is beyond our own logic, if we allow ourselves to be guided by it, we may open ourselves up to new opportunities and be safe (in those moments when our intuition tells us to go, stay, not participate.)

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

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