Book Review: The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein.

I don’t consider myself to be a religious person however, I do consider myself to be a spiritual being. For many years I have believed in the power of the Universe and when I place my faith in it, I am rewarded.

I’ve come to learn through personal experience, reading books, listening to podcasts and being in tune with my intuition that the energy we radiate is magnetic in the sense that we attract what we reflect.

It’s the reason for why we sense a good vibe from someone and another, there is something about their energy that we find unnerving or off putting.

I believe in karma, being a kind person and trying to be authentic. Just like any practice, some days I don’t do so well but overall, I am trying. I believe in learning new things each day and putting into practice the knowledge I have acquired. After all, knowledge without action is a waste.

With this in mind, when I saw that Gabrielle Bernstein was bringing her workshop to Sydney, I felt a pull to go.

So, I booked my flights and bought a ticket. The workshop isn’t until next year but I thought I should read some of her books to gain an understanding of what she teaches and her way of providing guidance.

I picked up my copy of The Universe Has Your Back which has been sitting politely on my bookshelf and read it cover to cover.

All I can say is, if you’re looking for spiritual guidance if you feel as though you have lost your way or want ways to course correct, it’s worth the read.

Many things within the book resonated with me but a few come to mind including the concept that we can choose fear or love in any moment, the power that being judgemental has over us on a mental, physical and spiritual level as well as the idea that we cannot control the outcome.

The way that Gabrielle is able to simplify big ideas and make it relatable is admirable. It takes courage to place faith in a higher order whether that be a religious God, spiritual being or the Universe.

We cannot control the outcome but we can control how we approach each day, each situation and how we want to lead our lives. We can act from a place of love or a place of fear, each of which will yield us a different life.

So ask yourself, will you choose fear or love? And when you stray, be kind to yourself.

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