Documentary Review: I Am Not Your Guru – Tony Robbins.

A little while ago, I sat down to watch Tony Robbins’ I Am Not Your Guru documentary and I was drawn in by the energy, the emotion and messages he shared. I can only imagine how much energy must be in the room at one of his conferences!

One of the statements he made resonated with me, he said ‘a moment is all it takes’ for us to make a change. You can have an epiphany or moment of clarity but we often find ourselves saying it took days, months or even years to make the change when the truth of the matter is, it was the decision to act on the change which took that amount of time, not the change itself.

You can choose to eat the cake or walk by it, that’s a split second decision. It’s about what you do with the insight and whether you are ready to make the change. Sometimes we are scared about the outcome and to that I have a quote:

‘What if I fall? By my dear, what if you fly?’

Only you can make the change and only you can decide when. If you’re making a change for the right reason/s, chances are, it’ll stick. It will be a sticky change but, if you’re making a change for the sake of others or for reasons not aligned with your core values or goals, then it’s a lot less sticky.

In another scene, Robbins kept asking an audience member why she wanted to focus on eating better. It turns out, it was for a much deeper reason that she wanted to seek the love of her father and the eating better was more of a distraction from the core problem. I think many of us have done this at some point in our lives, we try and do a quick fix on our problems, focusing on the small band aid or temporary fixes rather than addressing the real problem.

If you’re wanting to blame someone for what they have done, Robbin’s suggests blaming them for the good and the bad. Their role in your life has helped shaped you and we should celebrate the good and the bad. To paraphrase Robbins, if we blame, blame for everything, blame elegantly and consciously or not at all.

I believe it’s similar to another exercise which involves writing down what is stressing you, causing you pain or another negative emotion and destroying that piece of paper. It’s a powerful exercise to try. Whether you tell the person or just write it for yourself, it works. The power of written words is incredible. It allows you to do some introspection and work out what is affecting you. It may be an activity which helps you free yourself of unknown baggage or barriers that are making you doubt yourself. Please remember, you are enough and with your drive, you can achieve your goal.

There are many tools out there which can help you free your mind and help get you back on track so you can begin to create the life you thought was just a dream but don’t feel that you need to try everything. If a suggestion doesn’t resonate with you, that’s okay. We are all different and what works for one person may not work for you. Be as picky or open to suggestions as you want to be, it’s your choice.

Main photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash.

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