3 Ways to Improve Your Mindset.

What you think, you become. Whether we like it or not, our thoughts matter and they shape our lives. If you want to improve your life, it begins with your mindset. When we have a negative mindset, it closes us off to new opportunities, limits our growth and our self belief.

Below are three methods I use to improve my mindset when I’m feeling down, in a rut or lacking resilience.

1. Change your inner dialogue.

We often talk to ourselves in a negative way. We feel guilty when we eat a certain food, when we get rejected by a crush or don’t land an interview for a job we applied for. When a negative situation happens, we tell ourselves it’s because we weren’t good enough and we wonder why we got our hopes up in the first place. While we can’t control the outcome, we can choose how we respond. Instead of thinking self limiting thoughts, choose kindness and show yourself some compassion. Tell yourself that you did your best rather than telling yourself you aren’t good enough.

2. Think positive thoughts.

Our brains have a negative bias. While we may not be able to eliminate the bias completely, we can take steps to change how we look at situations. Instead of finding the negative in every situation, try to find a positive. For example, instead of complaining about the weather on a rainy day, you can instead be grateful that plants are getting nourishment. You can also see it as an opportunity to stay indoors and work on a passion project or spend time cuddled up to a loved one. Find the positive in a negative and overtime, this will become your minds default program.

3. Change your language.

What you reflect, you attract. When we use negative words, it has an impact on our moods, relationships and the way we look at opportunities. The words we say matter. Instead of ‘I have to get this done’ you could say, ‘I get/choose to work on this’. Instead of ‘should’, ‘I can’ and so forth. Small changes in the words you use will have a profound impact on your mindset. Personally, I began to feel a shift in my mindset when I began to limit my use of the word ‘busy’ to describe my days. I swapped the word for ‘full’ and the word makes me feel like I have a choice over how I spend my time and I don’t feel as stressed.

So there you have it, three ways to change your mindset. By changing your inner dialogue, your thoughts and your language, you can make a shift in your mindset. When you change your mindset, you can change your life.

If you have tried any of these methods or want to share one that works for you, say hello and leave a comment. Alternatively, if you feel like this would benefit someone, feel free to share it.

Main Photo by Philipp Cordts on Unsplash.

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