2 Must Read Books For Improving Your Morning Routine.

Reclaim your morning, change your life. If you’re up at dawn, it’s time to learn how to enhance your morning routine to improve your life.

If you’re an early riser like me, you’ll understand how magical mornings are. There’s something extremely satisfying about being productive and crossing things off your to do list before most people are even awake.

Entering into state of flow seems effortless with heightened awareness and a clear mind. Without the distraction of emails, kids, pets, partners and daily life, you have the opportunity to transform your life by creating a morning routine which enables you to start the day with things which bring you joy.

Book 1. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Part biography, part personal development, Elrod explains how he created his own miracle morning routine after an accident. The morning routine is based on life SAVERS – silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing. Elrod discusses each step in great detail and shares how a well structured morning routine can drastically improve your life. If you like structure and diversity, following the SAVERS approach is a brilliant way to take ownership of your day and allocate time to different activities which will make you feel good.

You can also join the The Miracle Morning Community group on Facebook to ask questions, find an accountability partner or to help you stay motivated.

Book 2. The 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

Sharma creates a fictional story centered around 3 main characters to unpack his strategy for a productive morning routine. It begins with rising at 5am and allocating 20 minutes to three activities. He suggests beginning with 20 minutes of exercise to get the blood pumping. Then it’s on to 20 minutes of reflection or working on any goals, dreams or plans followed by 20 minutes of learning.

Sharma suggests that you allow 66 days to instill this habit. Speaking from personal experience, the first few mornings are challenging but once it becomes habitual, you begin to look forward to waking up early to complete your power hour.

For those with smartphones, you can download the 5am Club application on your phone which includes free additional content including videos and a day counter so you can track your progress. For avid book readers, it is a great way to allocate 20 minutes of reading time each day (if that is how you choose to use your learning time.)

Remember, if you are trying to create your own morning routine, you can tailor make it to suit your needs. I recommend the above two books for inspiration and guidance only. If you try either or both routines and it doesn’t work for you, keep trying.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

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