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Affirmations. Why You Need Them And How To Write Them.

Affirmations are an important part of any mindfulness toolkit when used correctly. In this article, I will outline why you should start to use them (if you’re not already) and how to write them so they work for you.

So, what exactly are affirmations?

Well, affirmations are short phrases that are empowering, motivating and inspiring. When repeated daily, they can help you to change your mindset and see your potential. It’s about affirming what is true and what is possible.

Affirmations allow us to challenge a negative thought we have about ourselves or an experience we are going through. If you tell yourself, “I am unattractive”, “I am not good with money”, “No-one will hire me”, you are creating a negative perception of yourself. Many of our negative self thoughts are not true. That’s where affirmations are important as they can help us create a more positive perception of ourselves and what we are capable of. Affirmations provide us with a way to identify a negative thought and flip it to start believing something else instead.

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, jump on a social media platform or do an image search on Google. I’d recommend using this as a starting point for research purposes only otherwise you may end up with a list of affirmations that sound amazing but may not be relevant for you.

I currently have a list of affirmations that I copied out of a Gabby Bernstein book hanging up in my wardrobe. For the first days, I read them day and night but after that, I didn’t bother. After reflecting on it for a little while, I realised it was because the list of affirmations didn’t resonate with me.

Just like vision boards, affirmations are personal and in order to be effective, they need to be tailored to suit you and what you are wanting to affirm, visualise or manifest.

Affirmations cover a multitude of topics. They can be about money, health, wellness, business, creativity, sports etc. Before you begin writing your affirmations, think about what you want to affirm. For instance, if you’re good with money, you may not want a list of money affirmations along the lines of ‘I am good with money’. Affirmations are a way of shifting your mindset and instilling a belief. So, if you’re not feeling confident, you may want to write some affirmations on confidence.

Once you’ve identified topics for your affirmations, it’s time to write them. Affirmations are most effective when they are written in first person and in the present (or future) tense. Have a dream job you’re hoping to land? Your affirmation may look something like this: “I am worthy of this job. I am capable, hard working and focused.”

Some ways to begin your affirmations include:

I am | I will | I have | I know | I believe

Once you have created your affirmations, hang them in plain sight. Repeat them daily and change them as needed. At first, it may feel awkward and you may not believe it but be patient and trust the process.

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