5 Myths I’ve Learned About Being An Adult.

As a child, I wanted to know what the adults were talking about. I wanted to grow up (literally and metaphorically). I felt as though I was missing out on so much when the adults would have a child free conversation.

I’d roll my eyes when an adult said ‘enjoy being a kid’ but in my eagerness to be older, I didn’t really listen to this pearl of wisdom.

Now that I’m a -gulp- adult, I’ve decided to categorize adults into different categories – young adults (me), older adults (my parents) and the wise ones. I used to look at people in their 20’s and think, ‘they must have it all together, I can’t wait to be an adult.’

Great joke. Now that I’m edging closer to 3-0, I am not as adult-y as what I thought I would be and you know what? That’s okay. Having your sh*t together doesn’t have an age limit on it. Life is one of those wonderful things that we figure out as we go further along our journey. Some figure it out early and others a little later.

On that note, it’s time to reveal the 5 myths I’ve learned about being an adult.

Myth 1: Adults have it all figured out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, we are all works in progress. Life isn’t stagnant and each chapter comes with its own set of obstacles. Each person is balancing many things and decisions are made daily. Things might get missed or overlooked and at the end of the day, the perfect adult doesn’t exist. Many adults are just winging it – figuring it out as they go along.

Myth 2: Settling down = settling.

The idea of settling down terrified me for a long time. I thought settling down meant settling (for a life that was mediocre) but this isn’t necessarily true. Settling down with someone who you love is a wonderful thing. It’s grounding and exciting. It also doesn’t mean giving up your dreams – I’ve learned that you can be in a relationship and still have space to be you – to grow and develop.

Myth 3: Money can buy happiness.

Money is a loaded word. Some love it while others loathe it. I believe money can buy experiences to enable us to chase our dreams, support causes close to our hearts and can enrich our lives but if we define success just by how much money we have, I don’t think it will equate to a rich life. There’s more to life than how much money we have. There’s more to wealth than money. There’s our health, our relationships, how we nurture our hearts and minds and the legacy we are creating.

It’s a subjective topic and I’m not here to tell you that money is bad. Rather, I’d encourage you to define what money means to you and how you want to incorporate it into your life.

Myth 4: You’re stuck where you are.

House, car, kids. These are good reasons to settle down but it doesn’t mean that you are stuck. If you are feeling trapped or want to move (whether it be house, get a different car or a new job or career change), it’s possible.

Rather than using these assets and our loved ones as reasons to stay where we are for longer than we should, use it as a reason to keep moving and growing. Live, don’t just exist.

Myth 5: It’s easy.

Being an adult comes it with its own freedoms and pitfalls. It’s a choice as to how much you grow up but there are tough decisions to make. You transition from school where you’re instructed what to do and your days are planned from being in charge of what you want to do.

Want to eat ice cream for breakfast? Go for it. Want to go for a run? Lace up your running shoes. There are so many endless possibilities for how you live your life with a little more freedom as to what you can do. With so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming. So can having a schedule that is overfilled and trying to find time for yourself seems near impossible.

Myth 5

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or lost for self care ideas, look here.

I’d love to know if you have any of your own myths in the comments below.

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